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Boots: Rubber, waterproof boots that are mid-calf or higher (12-16" high or 30-41cm.) with a strong , ridged non-skid sole are essential for wet landings via Zodiac. You may have to step from the Zodiac into icy water up to 1 ft. or 30 cm high on some landings. Also, expect poor footing on the ice and ashore. For maximum warmth, wear loose-fitting boots and an extra layer of socks. Try out your boots before the voyage.

Parka. Our parkas are lightweight, roomy, wind and water-resistant with some insulation. Bright colours are more visible - and thus - safer in polar environments, this is why we have parkas in bright red as well as in other colours.

Gloves. Keeping your hands warm and dry can be a challenge. We strongly recommend to have more than one pair of gloves, in case one gets wet (or lost). We have gloves on sale.

PANTS/TROUSERS. Water-resistant pants/trousers are essential for your comfort. They can be worn over your regular clothes to keep you warm and dry. We suggest that you bring any sturdy, warm pants/trousers that can be layered between your long underwear, such as jeans, sweatpants, corduroys and the rainpants.

A backpack or daypack, sturdy, lightweight and waterproof is essential to carry your gear ashore. We have some daypacks for rent.


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