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Monika Schillat is historian. Born in Hamburg, Germany, Monika emigrated to South America in 1989. She is a resident of Tierra del Fuego, Argentina where she lectures on Latin American History at the Patagonian National University "San Juan Bosco". Her specialty is Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego and the South Atlantic Islands. In addition to fieldwork, she is a published historian. Her works include several books on the history of Tierra del Fuego and the South Atlantic Islands as well as a couple of travel guides. Since 1993 Monika has been travelling to the Antarctic continent lecturing on history of Antarctica and lately also working as Expedition Leader.

Daniela Gonzalez is a well known naturalist tourist guide who has been living in Ushuaia for ten years. In Tierra del Fuego she had the opportunity to work in different travel agencies and nowadays she is the owner and manager of a hotel. She has done several trips to Antarctic not only working but also travelling for pleasure.



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